Corporate Profile

Since 1981, Bradford M. Hubbard Construction Inc., operating as Hubbard & Co., has been a general contractor focused on preserving the built heritage of Eastern Ontario and Northern New York. Hubbard and Co. maintains a staff of skilled trades people who are both versed in traditional building techniques and sensitive to the heritage aesthetic. We approach heritage restoration, preservation and construction with a view to honouring and upholding the building practices of the past, while leveraging contemporary methods as appropriate or necessary.

Hubbard & Co. offers the following Heritage Restoration, Preservation and Construction services:


Design and Planning


General Contracting







Hubbard & Co. has built a reputation as a company that highly values customer satisfaction and delivers it through effective partnering with all stakeholders to deliver a quality end product.

This Corporate Overview (a .pdf file) features a sampling of the projects that we have worked on and awards won, over the past three decades.

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