St. Andrews Presbyterian Church is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture. This solid stone structure is the third church on this site and was built in 1893. The interior is well appointed with all of the woodwork being made from southern yellow oak.
St. Andrews is well known for its excellent acoustics. The acoustics have aided a number of ministers over the decades in delivering their messages. In more recent years the church has reached out to the broader community and made their space available. The superior acoustic atmosphere has allowed the church to be used for Shakespeare performances and as a locale for Fort Town Concerts.

Hubbard and Company has had the opportunity to work on various projects at the church over the past number of years. We were recently asked to design an enlarged stage area for use by the ministry and the various community groups. Upon inspection I decided that the beauty in the current stage resided in the very well executed woodwork. My concept for enlarging the stage was to retain as much of the original skirt paneling as possible.

The work is in progress

We began the process by doing a measured drawing with the help of Peter Martin (retired engineer and all around nice guy). To enlarge the stage we cut the front paneled section and moved it forward. We then framed in a larger area behind the original skirting. The design also required a handicap ramp on the east side. In order to maintain symmetry, which was important to the design we did a mirror image of the ramp on the west side as well. The ramps were a challenge as it had to curve and slope at the same time.

The stage as we found it

The top of the stage was finished in clear oak flooring and the edging was laminated from strips of oak and profiled to match the original nosing. The sides of the ramp were paneled in oak to compliment the original work done over 100 years ago.
We completed the project just in time for a performance on Feb 28, 2014 which opened with a Jazz performance by a local trio called Jazz Latte from Spencerville. The headliner for the evening was Tina Chong, a native of Calgary she has already given numerous recitals in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and in Canada. She performed the popular and delicate fantasies written for the piano by W.A. Mozart, Robert Schumann, Félix Mendelssohn, and the very sensitive Frederic Chopin.

This project was led by Alex Santos with assistance from Brenden Plunkett, Norm Mason and my son Kirk Hubbard. The construction took many hours more than anticipated but it was felt by all of those working on the project that the extra investment by Hubbard and Company was necessary to pay homage to the inspired craftsmen of a past generation.

Full view of the restored stage