At Hubbard and Company we have built a number of fireplace mantles. These tend to be fun projects because there is so much detail in a small area. You get to do plinth blocks, pilasters, rosettes and crown molding. When you are in an old home and you look closely at an original mantle you will notice that the same molding planes were used on the door and window casings as on the mantle. This is sometimes done in a way that presents a completely different look.

The first example involves a very modest fireplace mantle which was made for a home we restored near Maxville, Ontario. Note the use of window trim profiles in the mantle piece.

The mantle on your left was designed by Brad Hubbard based on historic research using Howard Pain and Shackelton for reference. The installation was going into a new reproduction home. We used molding profiles that matched the window and door casing.

The mantle on your right was designed by the client in Brockville (Elizabethtown). The original had been removed from his historic home during a previous renovation. He did a great deal of research by visiting other period homes in the area and came up with a full size drawing based on a vernacular style from the time.

So, if you have something in mind based on a desire or specific design we could probably do it all. If required, our staff will conduct an additional research to design and build a mantle that fits with your taste and historic look of the house.