March 11, 2020
March 11, 2020


Porch/Latticework, Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Years of damage and falling trees had caused this porch to deteriorate and much of the woodwork had to be replaced.
  • A fresh coat of paint was applied to all the wood work and the metal roof.

Stone Home, Edwardsburg/ Cardinal Area, Ontario.

  • The existing home was covered in stucco which once removed, revealed a beautiful straight-coursed stone front elevation.
  • The stucco was removed and the existing stone was cleaned a repointed.
  • Foundation was repaired and sealed along the front of the home and the old front porch removes and replaced with a full width covered deck.
  • The windows of the home were also replaced on the portion of the home that had previously had stucco.
  • The back cellar entrance was redone with block walls.