Inspired by the past and committed to the future, the Hubbard & Co. team can help you protect your investment in your home by offering comprehensive maintenance services for your heritage property.
Property Maintenance Services in Brockville

Inspection Services

Identifying Your Home’s Unique Needs
For a fee, based on the square footage of your home, we will visit your property and conduct a comprehensive inspection, inside and outside, top to bottom, to identify existing and potential maintenance issues. The deliverable from this inspection is a prioritized listing of maintenance projects that you should consider for your home. We will also give you a recommended periodic maintenance approach.

Our inspection services are also available to realtors and heritage home buyers. Hubbard & Co. knows heritage homes and can help you determine any special needs that your prospective purchase might have, before you buy.


It All Starts With A Plan
There are two ways that Hubbard & Co. can work with you to meet your home’s maintenance needs:

On an ad hoc basis, whereby you engage our expert tradesmen (or sub-trades, as appropriate) to execute on a specific maintenance project.

On a scheduled basis. Working from your inspection report, we will create a plan that allows you to plan and budget for a fixed amount of maintenance work each year. Of course, we are always available to help you with special projects, but you will have the comfort of knowing that regular maintenance on your home will be done on a periodic basis.


Building on the Past
Our carpentry team understands heritage building techniques, and can make seamless carpentry repairs at your home. carpentry


Quality Crafted in Stone
Our masonry team understands traditional masonry techniques, to ensure that your fine stone home, fences and retaining walls remain in top condition for another century.


Ingrained Craftsmanship
Our millwork team has the tools and skills to recreate heritage woodwork, so the millwork details that define your home’s unique character are faithfully replicated and/or repaired.


Protecting Your Investment
Paint is often the first defense against deterioration of your home’s surfaces. We work with painters who understand the importance of surface preparation and who know the right products for the job, whether inside or outside.
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